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Texting issues?

Having trouble with texts going through? Read below for some helpful advice!

  • Make sure you have the most updated version of Messages.
  • If you have a SIM card, ensure that it is inserted properly.
  • If you’re on Fi, sign in to the Project Fi app.
  • Verify that Messages is set as your default texting app. Learn how to change your default texting app.
  • Make sure your carrier supports SMS, MMS, or RCS messaging.
  • Check your plan or credit balance to see that you have enough to send/receive messages
  • See if you have signal.
  • Check if you’re on airplane mode. If you are, turn it off.
  • If you’re switching from an iPhone, make sure you’ve deactivated iMessage for your number.
  • If you change messaging apps on your phone and don’t receive messages, you may need to turn off chat features.
  • Delete the contact and add it again.
  • Check if you blocked them.
  • Verify that their phone number is correct.
  • Check if you need to specify a country code (e.g. +1 for US numbers).
  • Ensure that you have a data connection.
  • In your device’s settings app, reset your APN settings to default.
  •  If you get a notification that Messages may not send or receive messages until more space is available, try these tips to free space.
  • If you switched from a phone with visual voicemail to one without, and you get unreadable texts from your mobile carrier, troubleshoot your voicemail notifications.
  • If you're switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, be sure to turn off iMessage.