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App issues?

Apps having issues? Crashing, freezing, won't open at all? Read below for some quick fixes! 

  • Force stop apps
    • Open Settings and select Apps.
    • Tap the app you want to force stop. Then tap Force stop.
  • Clear app data
    • Open Settings, tap Apps, and select the app you want to clear
    • Select Storage and then tap Manage storage.
    • Tap Clear data.
  • Reinstall the App
    • Tap and hold the app icon on the homescreen.
    • Select Uninstall.
    • Go to the Google Play store, search for the app, and reinstall it again.
  • Clear cached data
    • Go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name)
    •  tap on Clear cache.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart your phone